Description: Description: Description: Title: Gurbani for All - Description: Gurbani is really meant for every human being, irrespective of caste / creed / gender / financial status.

Some quotes from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji :
Sabh Meh Sachaa Ayko So-ee Tis Kaa Kee-aa Sabh Kachh Ho-ee.
[ The One True Lord abides in all; by His making, everything is made.]




F. A. Q.

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Q ] How can I Install Gurbani4All Software ?

A]  Gurbani4all is Portable Software.

     All you need to do is just copy the Gurbani4all folder to you PC

     & install the two fonts found in the folder.


Q ] Can you Give Step by Step Instructions for Installing Gurbani4All Software ?

A]  Step 1        :  Extract the Files to any Convenient Location like Desktop or C Drive.

      Procedure :  Right Click on , Select Extract All… Option from Context Menu.

                                If Require change the Path & Folder. Default Folder is Gurbani4All.

                            Click on Extract button to Extract the Files.

      Step 2        :  Open Gurbani4All folder

      Procedure : Normally After extraction, windows should take you to Gurbani4All folder.

                           In case Gurbani4All folder is not open, Double Click on the folder to Open it.


      Step 3        :  Install Fonts.

      Procedure : For Vista & Windows 7 users

                                Right Click on the font file and select Install Font from the Menu.

                                [ Font File = Filename ending with .ttf ]

      Procedure : For Windows XP users

Double CLick on INSTALLFONTS.BAT file to Install required fonts.

XP users will have to Restart the PC.


      Step 4        :  Create Short Cut on Desktop for Easy Access.

                                Right Click on Gurbani4All.exe

                Left Click on Send To…

Left Click on Desktop(Create Shortcut)


      Step 5        :  Starting Gurbani4All Software.

                                Double Click on  Gurbani4All - Shortcut  to Run the Software


Q ] Where can I find Instructions to use Gurbani4All software?

A]  Press F1 Key to get Help.

     Click on Basic button to Learn how to Start using Gurbani4All – Software in 5  Easy Steps


Q ] Can I use Gurbani4All software without remembering Keyboard Shortcuts?

A]  Yes ! Right Click anywhere on the screen & you can select the required option from Menu.


Q ] When I am using Gurbani4All, it does not cover full screen, there is some blank border on the right side of the screen?

A]  Gurbani4All was developed primarily for displaying with a projector.

     Therefore the Current version, works best with 1024 x 768 resolution.

     For best results you will have to change the resolution of the monitor to 1024 x 768.


Q ] Can I use Gurbani4All software directly from Pen Drive?

A]  Yes ! Gurbani4all is Portable Software. Just copy it to the Pen Drive.

       Double Click on Gurban4All.exe to Run the Software.

       [ You may have to Install two fonts , if they are missing in the system ]


Q ] How can I search for the Shabad “raam naam gun gaa-ay lay meetaa har simrat tayree laaj rahai”

A]  Tap [ S ]  letter on the Keyboard to open search window.

      Type first letter of each word you want to search.

       In the above case type rnggl

       After you type two letters it will automatically start searching & display the results.

       By the time you have typed rnggl you will get one shabad matching your search parameters.

       Press Enter to select the required shabad.

       In case there are more than one shabad matching your search condition, you can move up / down with the help of arrow keys

       And select the shabad you want.


Q ] Can I search, If I am not sure about one or two words in the above shabad ?

A]  Let us say , you are not sure about the third word. “raam naam  ?  gaa-ay lay meetaa har simrat tayree laaj rahai”

      Type rn/gl       { here [ / ] stands for missing word. }

       & you should find the above shabad.


Q ] I had searched for few shabads yesterday. Can I see the yesterdays Search Results?

A]  Yes ! Just press [ V ]  key to view all the previous search results.

      View Window will sort the results as per date & the Latest Search will be displayed on the top.


Q ] If I Like a shabad, Can I mark it for future reference ?

A]  Yes ! If you like any Line Just Press [ C ] key to copy the Line to Favourite Folder

      You can access the Favourite Folder by pressing [ F ] key.


Q ] While browsing  through the Shabad, I found that there are two types of page numbers ?

A]  Normally the Software will display Page No & Line No from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

      But if a Shabad is found in Amrit Keertan also, then on alternate pages, it will display Amrit Keertan Page No.


Q ] What is the meaning of the small number displayed at the bottom of the screen ?

A]  There are two types of numbers displayed at the bottom of the screen.

      Number displayed at the right bottom of the screen shows the total number of lines in the shabad.

      & the Number displayed inside white box  indicates the line number within the currently selected shabad.

      This number will change as you move up and down.

      When we select the shabad “raam naam gun gaa-ay lay meetaa har simrat tayree laaj rahai”

      It shows two numbers i.e 5 written in a small white box & 18 written at right bottom of the screen.

      Number 5 tells us that we are on 5th line & Number 18 tells us that there are 18 lines in this shabad.


Q ] I read Sukhmani Sahib daily, Can I go directly to sukhmani Sahib, without searching ?

A]  Yes ! Regularly recited baani can be directly selected by pressing a Function Key.

      [ F5 ] for Sukhmani Sahib

      Or you can directly select Gurbani source from the Menu. ( Right Click to get Menu )

      All Shortcut Keys are mentioned in Help File.


Q ] How can I display Golden Temple Wallpaper ?

A]  Press [ 6 ] key or [ Shift ]  [ 9 ] keys together to display Golden Temple Wallpaper.

     Pressing Numbers from [ 0 ] to [ 9 ] will display 10 different wallpapers

     Pressing  [Shift] with  Numbers from [ 0 ] to [ 9 ] will display  another set of wallpapers

     You can press [ W ]  key to activate Wallpaper Slide Show.